Basic photo tips: taking action and sports shots for photo slideshows

For excellent summer photo slideshows, you can’t go wrong with sports and action shots. Here are some quick tips!

Use a high ISO

ISO speed controls the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to a given amount of light. If you increase it, you will also be able to increase your aperture and shutter speed without darkening or blurring your photos.

This allows you to capture quick-moving play on the field, and can be very helpful in low-light conditions, such as shooting inside a gymnasium. However, boosting your ISO creates more “noise”, with less detail and more graininess.

Use a wider aperture

Aperture  refers to the size or diameter of shutter pinhole that lets in light. A wider aperture allows in more light. With more light available, you will be able to use a faster shutter speed, and reduce blurriness.

However, whenever you open up your aperture, you also reduce the depth of field in your photograph. Less depth of field means less of the scene will be in focus.

Aperture is measured in “f-stops”. Typically at an aperture of f22, the entire scene is in focus. At aperture f4 or f2.8, only the subject is in focus while the entire background appears out of focus.

Use a high shutter speed

In order to capture an action shot, you need a very high shutter speed, at least 1/500th of a second at a minimum. However, whenever you increase your shutter speed, you decrease the amount of light reaching the image sensor on your camera. This can mean dark, “underexposed” photos.

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