Create Awesome Father's Day slideshow with Reveal video editing software

A heartwarming video creation is perfect for Mother’s Day, but not so much for Father’s Day. If you’re still looking for the perfect video tribute for Dad consider creating something a little more manly like these Father’s Day videos. We’ve found you some inspiration, now all you need to do is create your footage and use our video editing software to create the perfect macho video for your old man.

Car Crash Extravaganza

If your dad is anything like mine he’d love spending some time with you watching car crash video clips. A fun compilation of anything manly makes for a great Father’s Day video, especially when you bring popcorn and watch it together.

If car accidents aren’t your dad’s style consider making a video compilation of motorcycle tricks, home video bloopers or anything else your dad loves.

Dads are the BEST!


Father’s Day Song

Marilyn Monroe’s special rendition of Happy Birthday to JFK won’t soon be forgotten. This funny Father’s Day video features a very lovely Marilyn singing his own version of the song to his dear dad. You could do something like this for father, but if you do make sure to bring your camera because the results will be too funny to not capture.

Frisbee Fun

This funny video was made by a couple of sons for their dad for Father’s Day. It features a clever script, some neat special effects and great music in the background.

You don’t have to be a talented movie maker to create something similar. Write a short script and film a funny video for your dad. A project like this is one the whole family can get in on. You’ll get a priceless gift for dad and some fun family memories as you put it all together.

Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to practice your movie making skills. What type of Father’s Day video will you create?

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