5 tips for taking better nighttime photos and using a video creator to show friends

Nighttime photos can be nothing short of magical if you take them properly, but if you don’t know what you are doing that magical nighttime moment will quickly turn into a blurry, unrecognizable photo. Here are five tips for taking better nighttime photos. After all, muvee’s great video creator can’t create stunning movies unless you have great photos.

Use the Tripod

Since nighttime photos have less available light, the camera’s shutter will have to remain open longer to get a good shot. Using a longer exposure time will help you create stunning shots, but if you try to hold the camera yourself, blurriness is bound to happen. A tripod is essential for great night shots.

Showcase Movement

The long exposure time required for nighttime photography provides a great opportunity for creating stunning shots that showcase movement. Moving lights can look beautiful as they paint a picture across the night sky. As you choose your photo subjects, don’t limit yourself to stills; moving photography can be especially beautiful at night (just make sure you use a tripod).

Skip the Flash

The dark beauty of night can be easily overshadowed by a flash. Most of the time you will want to turn your flash off, lengthen your exposure and let the natural light take charge. Natural light will add interest, shadow and greater depth to your photos. When you can skip the flash at night and see your subjects in a whole new light.

Shoot a Variety of Subjects

When you plug your nighttime photos in to a video creator you will want variety. Countless mountain shots will get boring quickly, but a variety will lead to many video editing possibilities and a more interesting end product. Take a variety of pictures and use many different subjects from people to vehicles to animals to landscapes and more.

Practice Often

The night sky changes dramatically from hour to hour and from day to day. A technique that works well on a moonless night might not be as effective with a full moon or when the sky is cloudy. Get out and practice your night photography often. Take pictures at dusk and after dark. Play with light, subjects and camera settings.

Practicing your skills in a variety of settings will help you to hone your skills and create better photography (and better photo-based muvees). A great video starts with great photos. These tips will help you take better nighttime photos and in turn create better videos using the muvee video editor.

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Are you going to get out and practice your photography tonight?

Image courtesy of vichie81 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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