how to take photos tha make impact

How can you “build impact” with your photos? Here are some great tips that will help not only your photos but also the photo slideshows you create using muvee’s video editing software.

Get Closer

One of the biggest mistakes amateur photographers make is standing too far away from their subjects. Think about a professional photographer in action for a minute. You see them right in on whatever is going on: climbing rocks, hovering over their subject, putting their camera right in people’s faces, etc.

Take their advice and get up close and personal with your subjects too. If your subject fills the frame it will have more impact than if it is surrounded by a sea of nothingness.
Don’t be intimidated by getting closer to your subjects. Take a few steps forward until you are close enough to the subject for it to fill the frame. Using your feet to move closer will be more effective than using your zoom to artificially move closer to the subject.

Take Lots of Shots

Another way to build impact is to take a lot of shots. If you take 100 shots and get 1 perfect one, you still have one great shot. You don’t have to achieve perfection with each and every photo. You should plan on deleting many of your photos especially as you build your skill. See what works and what doesn’t and revise your plan for the next time.

Taking photos with impact will take time, but it is the mark of a talented photographer. It is worth taking the time to refine your craft so your shots will cause people to look again.

Check out this great wedding video slideshow for some ideas and inspiration:

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