movie making takes the mystery out of gardening

The delicious fruits and vegetables of summer are enough to give anyone the gardening urge. If you’ve been wanting to get out and grow your own delicious harvest, these gardening videos will provide excellent tips. These gardening pros have put their movie making skills to use creating top quality, garden friendly content.

National Gardening Association

From the basics of pest control to the more advanced art of building a greenhouse, the National Gardening Association has a video for seemingly every gardening topic. The videos are short and concise, but packed with information. Most of videos feature a simple photo/video slideshow with voiceover narration. You could easily create something similar using muvee Reveal X.

Peaceful Valley- Grow Organic

Peaceful Valley spreads their organic message by creating a variety of educational gardening videos. You can learn to grow a variety of different plants including cucumbers, lettuce and many others. You can also learn more about organic gardening and organic produce in general.  While an effective tool for the home gardener, these videos also serve as an excellent promotional strategy for the company. By providing quality information they can establish their brand, create loyal customers and spread their company message.
This interesting video provides a history of organic growing. It’s education and informative, albeit a little long.

Portland Metro

Even the Portland metropolitan government is getting in on the gardening video craze. This video serves as a public service announcement of sorts educating viewers about the dangers of drinking from a garden hose. Video can be an effective tool to spread messages and educate.

Are you ready to garden? Get in the mood by checking out these wonderful gardening video content creators and then get out and grow. Ripe, juicy watermelon will taste so much better when you’ve grown it yourself.

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