Useful tips to get the most out of your vacations

Here are some photos tips to get the most out of your vacation photos, with a couple of ideas at the end how our awesome photo slideshow software can help.

Make sure your camera battery is charged

The number one challenge most photographers run into these days is they forget to charge their camera or videocamera battery. It’s always a good idea to set up a charging station in your home so that when you return from shoots it’s easy to take out and charge the camera battery at the same you remove the SD card.

Don’t get damp

Digital cameras are not as rugged as their (mostly) mechanical predecessors and a little bit of moisture can play havoc. In your camera bag (you have a camera bag, don’t you?) pack a large ziplock bag with a hole for the lens and IR rangefinder to use in the rain. And also grab some of those little packs of dessicate (silica gel) to absorb any moisture.

Bring extra memory

Memory is cheap, so why not start collecting SD cards?

Make your subject the actual subject of the photo

The camera eye and the human eye are really quite different. We’re able pay attention to details that may be unnoticed when you see a picture of the same scene… unless you make a concious effort as a photographer to focus on those details.

So move in close, and make sure what you’re thinking about occupies as much of the photo as possible, omitting distractions.

Know when to find the best light

In the Northern Hemisphere, generally speaking the light a half an hour before, and two hours after sunrise is the best. It’s due to the angle of the suns rays at that time. Try to pay attention to how light changes throughout the day and throughout the year.

Add awesome effects

There are many photo editing programs out there that allow you to automatically edit your photos to make them look better, or manage (also known as “curating”) them as well. Some ¬†software applications, like muvee Reveal X, even allow you to create slideshows and share photos online.


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