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One thing photographers andĀ professional video editors know is that it’s challenging to take headshots.

And if you’ve ever seen your drivers license, you know that shooting headshots is not easy.

More often than not headshots turn into mugshots, are washed out, add 20 or 30 pounds to your face. Headshots are one of the more challenging tasks for professional photographers.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

For one thing, many photographers use a camera flash to take headshots. All this extra, intense light erases what little shadows there are on the face that contribute to fine and distinctive details that give our face a crisp presence.

This means that your jaw loses accentuation, giving you, let’s face it, a chubby appearance.

There is a way to take better headshots: stick your chin out (or get your subject to stick their chin out).

Sticking your chin out for head shots does a couple of great things. For one thing, all of the flab and folds of skin (the “double chin”) most of develop as we age will disappear. Sticking your chin out makes everything taught, and your chin, if you stick it out, can even hide those folds of skin.

So getting your subject to stick their chin out when you’re taking headshots is going to get rid of that double chin. Fantastic! But what if they laugh?

When we laugh we tend to tilt our head back, creating a magnificent double chin. So you, as a photographer, have got to coach your subjects to stick their chin out when the laugh. It’s not easy, but they’ll get it eventually.

If you’re interested in learning more about this subject, check out Peter Hurley’s excellent short video on the subject:

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