Photo Tips - using flash when it's bright

It seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes your flash is most important when it’s bright out!

Whether you’re on the ski hill or at the beach (like this sample picture taken on Maui over the Christmas break), your flash can be your best friend.

When it’s super-bright out with a snow, sand or water background, your camera’s exposure will adjust for the bright part of the scene.

This can make for some lovely silhouettes, but what if you want some detail in the faces of your subjects?

The answer is to dig into your flash settings and look for the “always on” selection. By doing this, you still get much of the detail in the bright area of your photo while also getting to see detail in the people you’re shooting.

This is a very straightforward process if you have a DSLR and even most point and shoot cameras have this function too.

Happy shooting!

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