Basic photo tips: taking action and sports shots for photo slideshows

muvee has been lucky enough to interview some top professional photographers in our photography podcast. It’s a great way to learn more the experts about how they achieved success as photographers, not only professionally, but also technically and artistically.

We’ve gone through the several podcasts to come up with the top 3 photo tips for beginners.

Tip 1: Be prepared

Greg Miller, a photographer based on the West Coast, said that one of the keys to successful photography is being prepared. He’s a wedding photographer, and actually gets paid to take beautiful pictures, so we’ll take his word for it. Anyway, when planning a photo shoot, Greg always makes sure he has an extra battery for his camera, and an extra memory card, as well as other tools of the trade. He never wants to be unable to take a photo.

Besides bringing backup gear, Greg also arrives early at a photoshoot. He wants to scope out the location to plan where to take the best shot, and how the light will change during the course of the shoot. “Be prepared” is ¬†Greg’s motto.

Listen to Greg Miller’s podcast here.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the light

We interviewed another wedding photographer (note to self: weddings are a great path to becoming a professional photographer, but be prepared!), Marian Milan, who lives on the island of Maui, a popular spot for weddings. Mariah recommends always paying attention to the quality of light throughout the day. She says that many serious photographers actually will take photos throughout the day, and take notes about the quality of light at specific times. This is important when “breaking in” new cameras or lenses, since everything captures light in a unique and special way. Fundamentally, the bedrock of success for a photographer is attention to detail.

Listen to Mariah Milan’s podcast here.

Tip 3: Compose with care

We’ve written about the Rule of Thirds before in photo tips, and professional photographer Cliff Haman also explained that composition is an important factor when taking photos. Cliff documents art of a large university on the West Coast, and has to pay special attention to minute details, including composition – he’s recording fine art of posterity, after all.

However Cliff, who also has a background in the video games industry suggests sometimes composing your photos so the subject is not the main focus of the photo.

Listen to Cliff Haman’s podcast here.

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