Use a video slideshow maker to turn vacation photos into muvees

On your next vacation, try using a video slideshow maker to help you create an easy, entertaining way to remember your trip.

video slideshow maker
Better vacation movies start with better pictures (Photo courtesy of Rennet Stowe)

Well, because we love photographs too, this was one of our motivations for creating our easy video editing program.

You take the photos, add them to the software, and in 3 easy steps you have a video to share with your friends and family.

With a little planning, you can use the video slideshow maker to create a vacation video that you can always remember.

Here are 5 tips to take better vacation photos, so your movie will POP!:

1. Focus on a story. 

You don’t want to be walking around saying, “Cheese,” every few minutes, right? This is no way to relax.

Picture your vacation as if it is a movie. What is the story of your movie? What are the important places and moments you want to capture? What are the highlights going to be?

Think of how you will use your vacation photos in the video slideshow maker and what kind of story you want to tell.

Before each day, choose 3-4 moments that will best tell the story of your trip. Then, take out your camera during those moments and snap away. But then put your camera away and go back to relaxing.

2. Get Closer.

Ever look at your pictures later and think… “Wow, that doesn’t look as good as it did in person?” Try the professional photographers tip of getting closer.

Go right up to the action and take your photographs.

3. Add people.

Having people in your pictures adds perspective and interest.

We love to look at other people and in nature scenes having a person can show the viewer how big or small something was. Plus, if you are traveling to exotic places, the local people are some of the most interesting photographic subjects. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals for photographs. Just be respectful and don’t treat them like a tourist attraction.

Would you want someone jumping out of their car and photographing you as you watered your lawn?

4. Distract.

The best photographs with kids come when you give them something to distract them. Buy ice cream, get pizza, eat street food, or take them on a ride. Your photographs will be more fun and everyone will be less self-conscious.

5. Share the camera.

Get everyone involved in taking photographs and you will get your family members more invested the video. This will also help you get a variety of perspectives of the trip and make sure everyone is included.

Just be careful giving your expensive DSLR to your toddler.

muvee is the proud creator of muvee Reveal X, a video slideshow maker.

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