muvee School: Sound

muvee School: Sound

We are so excited to finally announce our newest series, muvee School! This is a four part installment on the most basic (but important) tips when it comes to shooting video. To make things easy to remember, we came up … Read More

perfectly clear giveaway

Perfectly Clear Giveaway

We have partnered with the folks over at Perfectly Clear to bring you the coolest giveaway this season! Starting on Wednesday, July 22, Perfectly Clear will be giving away goodies everyday for TWO whole weeks. Prizes range from memory cards … Read More

angie across america: the single parent

Angie Across America: Social Stories: The Single Parent

Angie Across America desires to bring across two key messages: live out your dream – it is the fuel of your soul people stories matter – they are the bedrock of humanity and civilization Over the past few weeks, I’ve … Read More

angie across america: cycling safety

Angie Across America: Cycling Safety

Critically acclaimed 20th century American author Ernest Hemingway says it best: “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember … Read More

Angie Across America: The Anatomy of an idea

AngieAcrossAmerica: The Anatomy of an Idea

Ideas are birthed from the heart, conceived in the mind, and accomplished through hands and legs: (1) First, passion strikes the heart (2) Next, an idea forms in the mind (3) Then, the brain strategizes the plan (4) Finally, the … Read More

Angie Across America: Shine your light

AngieAcrossAmerica: Shine Your Light

From paralegal to endurance sports; Angeline tells us what inspired her to let her light shine in her latest post! For 10 years, I stuck on to a seemingly important-sounding job. I was a paralegal, living life in the fast … Read More

Angeline Tan: One woman, One Bike, 4000 miles across America

Angeline Tan: One woman, One Bike, 4,000 miles Across America

As part of a new series, we are turning over our blog to Angeline Tan. An avid muvee user, we’ve decided to support her trek across America. Follow our blog for more from Angie and we are currently compiling her … Read More

tips for recording awesome video at the events

Summer Music Festival Season is Here- Tips for Recording Awesome Video at the Event

What summer concerts are on your to-do list this summer? Will you be attending a big summer music festival like Stagecoach, Rockfest, or Lollapalooza? These fun filled festivals can be a great place to record killer video; create a video … Read More

Don’t Ground Your Video Possibilities- Drones Take Videos Sky High

We’ve heard a lot about drones lately on the news. Amazon wants to use drones to quickly deliver packages and the U.S. military uses this technology to bomb targets from afar. While these uses are a bit out of the … Read More

The Amazing World of GoPro- Enjoy These 3 Stunning Videos

Do you have a GoPro camera? How do you like to use it? Some stunning videos produced on these tiny, versatile cameras are sweeping the web. The key to a good GoPro video (as you’ll see) is a lot of … Read More