New Year's resolution inspiration : Videos to get you motivated

New Year’s Resolution Inspiration: Videos to Get You Motivated

Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions this year? I resolve to watch more videos. Finally, a resolution I’ll be able to keep! Enjoy these inspirational (or hilarious) resolution themed clips. Resolution Fails If you haven’t seen this Resolution Fails … Read More

Our Favorite videos of 2013

Our Favorite Videos of 2013

As we say goodbye to 2013, let’s take a walk down memory lane and enjoy some of the best videos of the year. You’ve probably seen some of these floating around YouTube and social media, but a great video is … Read More

A tasty holiday is just a video away

A Tasty Holiday is Just a Video Away- How Video Editing Software Can Help You This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means family, fun and of course, delicious food. The holidays wouldn’t be as wonderful without chocolate covered holiday cookies, melt in your mouth turkey, a  roast Christmas ham or other seasonal delights. … Read More

Get your video camera drama coming right up

Get Your Video Camera Ready… Family Drama Coming Right Up!

Family… the holidays wouldn’t be the same without them. Some years that means fun and other years it means torture. Whether your family is a dream or nightmare, these fun holiday videos will help you gear up for family season. … Read More

5 hilarious dancing cow videos created using movie making software

5 Hilarious Dancing Cow Videos Created Using Movie Making Software

Do you know how to dance? If you want to improve your skills or just learn a new move or two, I’ve found the perfect teacher for you: a cow. It turns out that cows are excellent dancers. But, don’t … Read More

3 hilarious sketch comedy videos made with professional video editing software

3 Hilarious Sketch Comedy Videos Made with Professional Video Editing Software

Are you ready for some laughs? These hilarious sketch comedy videos are sure to leave you chuckling. The quality varies from video to video. They are all funny, but those made with professional video editing software are certainly more enjoyable … Read More

Make a YouTube Video of Celebrity Spoofs

Make a YouTube Video of Celebrity Spoofs

Deep inside I think we’re all a little jealous of celebrities. That’s why we enjoy celebrity spoofs so much. Photoshop a celebrity into a funny picture and it gets funnier. Poke fun of a celebrity in a comedy sketch and … Read More

Make a YouTube Videos about Fishing, Find Famee and Fortune

Make a YouTube Videos about Fishing, Find Fame and Fortune!

Nothing says summer like a relaxing fishing trip, but if you can’t make it to the lake this weekend you can still enjoy some good old fashioned fishing fun. These fun YouTube fishing videos will make you feel like you’re … Read More

Content Creator - awesome movie making on vimeo

Content Creators – awesome movie making on Vimeo

One of the quickest ways to transform your website from average to amazing is to add video. Movie making isn’t that difficult, but it adds a whole new dimension to your website and engages visitors. Video also helps to attract … Read More

Tips for success when using professional video editing software

Video Marketing Tips: using professional video editing software

When you have a brick and mortar store you share your business’ personality with each person that walks through your doors. With the internet it isn’t as simple. You don’t have the opportunity to interact face to face, but you … Read More

Have fun making a YouTube video showing animals acting human

Have fun making a YouTube video showing animals acting human

Animals acting like humans always make us laugh. There is something so comedic about our furry friends walking in our shoes. If you love animals acting like humans just as much as I do, you’ll love these giggle-worthy video clips … Read More

Creating GoPro video clips with video cutter software

Creating GoPro Video Clips with video cutter software

Taking that great GoPro video footage and transforming it into usable clips might seem like a challenge, but don’t worry. Turbo Video Cutter from muvee makes it easy. In just a few minutes you can create and share clips using … Read More

Make a Mother's Day awesome using video editing software

Make Mother’s Day awesome using video editing software

Skip the flowers this year and give mom a gift that will really make her smile. If your mom is anything like mine she’ll love a Mother’s Day Slideshow made using muvee’s video editing software. To get you started here … Read More

Video creators around the web

Video Creators Around the Web

It’s amazing what people can do with a little creativity and the power of video. For your viewing pleasure today we’ve found some of the coolest content creators around. Enjoy! We’re sure you’ll agree, amazing things can happen when a … Read More

Make a YouTube Video with animals and boxes

Make a YouTube Video with Animals and Boxes

Cardboard boxes are magical objects to babies, cats and dogs. These inexpensive pieces of trash can entertain for hours, often providing more fun than an actual toy would. If you have a pet and a box you have everything you … Read More

Using a movie making software to create awesome YouTube videos

Using movie making software to create awesome YouTube videos

What is it about making an awesome YouTube video that captures attention and causes a trend to spread so quickly? Is it great dance moves? Hilarious animals? Or something else entirely? We may never be sure, but one thing we … Read More

Pranks with video editing software

Pranks with video editing software

April Fool’s Day is every prankster’s favorite holiday. Even if you haven’t planned a big prank this year, we’ve found some hilarious videos to help you get in on the pranking action. And if you do plan a few tricks … Read More

Make a YouTube video, get famous!

Make a YouTube video, get famous!

To brighten your day and put a smile on your face we’ve rounded up some of the best video memes circulating around social media right now – these folks made a YouTube video and got famous. Watch a few and … Read More

Bloggers as video creators

How bloggers are using movie making software

Here at muvee we love all things video. A blog is great, but vlog is better. Video allows you to integrate additional senses into the internet experience. You don’t just read about things; you see them, hear them and feel … Read More

Funny video with awesome SFX, space stations and Death Star

Funny video with awesome SFX, space station and Death Star

Here’s an awesome video that features the Death Star, the International Space Station, and famous Tweeting astronaut named Commander Chris Hadfield. The video is pretty funny: With a lot of creative help from SFX powerhouse Race Rocks Studios, the video … Read More

Capturing a "bird buggy" with a video maker

Capturing a “bird buggy” with a video maker

Why fly when you can drive? If this bird buggy takes off, we may soon see our feathered friends cruising down the highway instead of flying through the trees. Take a minute and watch this clever video made using a … Read More

How baby animals can inspire productivity

How baby animals can inspire productivity

Using video editing software can create amazing things… that often distract from our work. Or is that really the case? If you love cute animal videos, we’ve got some good news for you. What was once considered a waste of … Read More

Video creator mashups: James Bond fights himself

Video creator mashups: James Bond Fights Himself

When it comes to hardcore, few can compete with James Bond. Why not watch him fight himself? A few clever video creators have made this dream a reality by combining classic Bond clips in a video creator for some action … Read More

Dogs in Santa Costumes [Funny YouTube videos: Christmas Edition]

Dogs in Santa Costumes [Funny YouTube videos: Christmas Edition]

Are you an aspiring Video Maker? One way to hone your skills is to mash up dogs + Christmas. It’s a great way to get video views. You know the holidays are coming when you start seeing dogs in their … Read More

Cute, cuddly animal adoption videos.

Cute, cuddly animal adoption videos

You don’t have to look alike, or even be the same species, to find someone to love and care about. These cute animal adoption videos will warm your heart and show you one of the cuddly sides of the animal … Read More

Awesome, amazing tilt shift videos

We love how tilt-shift photos and video clips can really come together using video editing programs and transport the viewer to a whole new world. Sometimes looking at things with a different perspective can really change the way you see the world. … Read More

How baby animals can inspire productivity

YouTub’e Top video creator: Maru the Cat

Do you love your cat? Why not become an internet filmmaker and show the world your adorable little kitty by making YouTube videos? Your cat could be the next big star; use muvee’s video creator to create some funny cat videos of your … Read More

Funny - but kind of scary - emu videos on YouTube

Funny – but kind of scary – emu videos on YouTube

Here is yet another installment in our series of funny YouTube videos. Today, we focus on emus – scary but  cute. Emus can’t fly, but they sure can attack. The result is some hilarious video footage of terrified squeals and … Read More

More Funny Animal YouTube Videos

Whether its a baby animal learning to walk or a bear taking a drink, animal videos remind us of the many similarities we share with our feathery and furry neighbors. They are cute, funny and always entertaining. Another perk: these … Read More

Amazing Halloween Costumes on YouTube

Amazing Halloween Costumes On YouTube

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Whether you’re planning on being a zombie, a sexy nurse or your favorite superhero, we’ve rounded up our favorite Halloween costumes from YouTube. (BTW, if you’re looking for video software discounts, … Read More

Amazing Mashup Videos (Ghostbusters and Gangnam Style!?)

Amazing Mashup Videos (Ghostbusters and Gangnam Style???)

Who doesn’t love a good mashup video? When you combine the best of two worlds, you get a video that is entertaining, delightful and always action packed. To help you fill your mashup cravings, we’ve rounded up some amazing mashup videos for … Read More

Make a YouTube video, get famous!

Friday Fun: Home Video Bloopers

Crazy things happen when the video camera comes out: slips, falls, trips, you name it. Home video bloopers might hurt a bit when they happen, but the memories they capture are priceless, and hilarious too. Funny video stories like this … Read More

Bloggers as video creators

YouTube Vloggers Using Video Editing Programs to Create Internet Gold

If you want to become an internet personality, stop waiting for your big break and create it yourself. Start a vlog. All you need for a successful vlog is a video camera, a video editing program, and some time and … Read More