muvee School: Motion

muvee School: Motion

This is our last instalment of muvee School: SLAM! Today, we’re going to be focusing on movement and give you tips on how to maintain a steady shot. Here are some ways you can incorporate movement while filming a stagnant … Read More

muvee School:Angles

muvee School: Angles

Welcome to our third installment of muvee School! The ‘A’ in SLAM stands for Angles. Angles really help tell your story so explore different ways you can get creative! Here are some tips: Establishing Your Shot- Determine how to frame … Read More

muvee School:Light

muvee School: Light

The second installment of muvee School is the ‘L’ in SLAM, which stands for light. Lighting in videos are very important and can be quite tricky, so let’s take a look: Things to take note of: Don’t point your camera … Read More

muvee School: Sound

muvee School: Sound

We are so excited to finally announce our newest series, muvee School! This is a four part installment on the most basic (but important) tips when it comes to shooting video. To make things easy to remember, we came up … Read More

video editing 101 ebook

Video Editing 101 eBook

Are you new to video editing? If so, you’ve come to the right place to get started! Here at muvee, we have put together a handy eBook for all video newbies to learn the basics when it comes to video … Read More

summer inspirations

Summer Inspiration I

Summer is right around the corner and we don’t want you to miss out on ways you can share your favorite summer moments! Here are some key features on muvee Reveal 11 that you can use to enhance your video: … Read More

how to create a graduation reel

How To Create A Graduation Reel

It’s graduation season, can you believe it? I’m sure it wasn’t long ago that your little one started their first day of school. Whether they are graduating elementary school, middle school, high school or even college this year, here are … Read More

Give mom a personalized gift this mother's day

Give Mom a Personalized Gift This Mother’s Day

This year, show your mom how much you appreciate her with a personalized gift. Use muvee Reveal 11 to put together a movie that showcases all the memories of mom over the years. The best part is that it’s quick … Read More

video editing software for real estate agents and leasing professionals

Video Editing Software for Real Estate Agents and Leasing Professionals

If you’ve ever looked at a listing for a property online or attempted to find more information, typically you get a few images in a slideshow without the facts you really need. muvee has been helping Real Estate Agents create … Read More

3 must use features for creating the best vacation slideshows with muvee

3 Must-Use Features for Creating the Best Vacation Slideshows with muvee

Those summer vacation memories are priceless and you don’t want to forget the fun you had together. You also have a few friends and family members who would love to see your photos from the trip. muvee has made creating … Read More

Are you sick of having your music videos removed from youtube

Are You Sick of Having Your Music Videos Removed from YouTube?

A video slideshow without music is like a day at the beach without the sun. Music adds life, excitement, and interest to your videos. If you plan on uploading your video content to Facebook, YouTube, and other sites, music presents … Read More

Home video fun with muvee Reveal

Home Video Fun with muvee Reveal

Watching home videos is a great way to relive laughs, share memories, and forge an everlasting bond with family and friends. But, not all home videos are created equally. With video editing software you can tweak your videos into fascinating … Read More

wedding videos ready when you are

Wedding Videos Ready When You Are

Wedding season is upon us and of course that means wedding videos. Don’t pay and then wait for a videographer to make time for your memories! Drag and drop, style, then share as soon as you want to. With muvee … Read More

a video tribute for mom - video editing tips for mother's day

A Video Tribute for Mom- Video Editing Tips for Mother’s Day

What if you could combine the special sentiments of a Mother’s Day poem with the fun of a video? You can with our Videogram style. This fun style lets you showcase your inner poet and your inner videographer at the … Read More

tips for recording awesome video at the events

Summer Music Festival Season is Here- Tips for Recording Awesome Video at the Event

What summer concerts are on your to-do list this summer? Will you be attending a big summer music festival like Stagecoach, Rockfest, or Lollapalooza? These fun filled festivals can be a great place to record killer video; create a video … Read More

Don’t Ground Your Video Possibilities- Drones Take Videos Sky High

We’ve heard a lot about drones lately on the news. Amazon wants to use drones to quickly deliver packages and the U.S. military uses this technology to bomb targets from afar. While these uses are a bit out of the … Read More

preserving your spring break memories with video editing software

Preserving Your Spring Break Memories with Video Editing Software

What did you do for spring break this year? A fun family vacation? A little relaxation? Heading out of town with the family can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit disastrous. Whatever you do, … Read More

video editing for moms

Video Editing for Moms

A bowl of cereal is spilled on the floor, the toilet is flooding, and somewhere in the background kids scream (or sing… you can’t always tell the difference): being a mom is a tough gig at times. I might have … Read More

How to use magicMoments to Highlight Favorite Clips

How to: Use magicMoments to Highlight Favorite Clips

That hilarious slip on an icy sidewalk, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, the gummy smile of a new baby, these magic moments are what making videos is all about. We make it easy to capture those golden … Read More

3 ways to make better video slideshows

3 Ways to Make Better Video Slideshows

Do you want to create an amazing slideshow? You know, one that your friends will actually want to watch. Great photos are key. These three tips will help transform your next video slideshow from ordinary to extraordinary. With our video … Read More

Amazing video editing software tricks: awesome stop motion

Amazing Video Editing Software Tricks: Awesome Stop Motion

What do you get when you take thousands of pictures and smash them all together? A stop motion video my friend, one of my favorite types. Stop motion is notoriously difficult to create, but when done correctly, the results are … Read More

Are you getting the most out of your video creator software

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Video Creator Software?

A common mistake when making video slideshows is to put lots of thought into the actual slideshow and almost none into the showcasing of the slideshow once it’s complete. The way you present your creation can have just as much … Read More

Make a youtube video inspired by these funny commercials

Make a YouTube Video Inspired By These Funny Commercials

Watching funny commercials can make me “happier than a camel on Wednesday” (if you connect with us on Facebook we shared the video mid-June). Since it’s been awhile we thought we’d share a few more funny favorites. Check out these … Read More

back to school tip: how to protect your children online

Back to school tip: how to protect your children online

As we head back to school it’s important to consider that we live in a wired world. At least 56 percent of all US adults now have smartphones. However, according to some estimates, among the population of mobile phone owners (91 … Read More

How to choose music to make a perfect video [guest blog post]

How to choose music to make a perfect video [guest blog post]

How important is sound when making videos? To answer this question, we’ve asked Gael MacLean, president of Rukkus House Sound & Music Production Studios, to write a guest blog post for the muvee Director’s Lounge blog: The music you choose must … Read More

How to use intertitles to get your business message across

How to use intertitles to get your business message across

Internet marketing videos need clarity to convert leads into customers When creating internet marketing videos, intertitles can be a powerful secret weapon: increasing sales, promoting your business and compelling viewers to take action. If you haven’t yet utilized this feature, … Read More

Use video creator software, make a Thanksgiving video letter

Use video creator software, make a Thanksgiving video letter

As we roll into the holiday season our hearts and minds once again turn to our families. If you can’t make the trip to see your loved ones this Thanksgiving, consider using your video creator to make a heartwarming Thanksgiving … Read More

How to create a compelling video using professional video editing software

How to Create a Compelling Video Using Professional Video Editing Software

Using professional video editing software remains the most effective way to create compelling video. While there are many other editing software options out there, simplified, you are limited by the simplicity of the product. It is a great place to … Read More

Angie Across America: Shine your light

How to shoot in low light conditions

When the sun goes down on Halloween night the ghosts, goblins, spotted puppies and fairy princesses all come out for a fun evening of Trick or Treating. This is a prime time to capture great picture and video footage for … Read More

Learn how to make a music video with these simple steps.

Learn how to make a music video with these simple steps

Whether you want to create a music video to promote your band or simply create a musical tribute to your favorite song, the easy to use tools in muvee Reveal X make music videos simple. All you have to do … Read More

Tip: using professional video editing software to market your business

Use Professional Video Editing Software, Make Better Recruitment Videos

Photo slideshows can be a great way to show off your company and recruit new employees. It just takes a few minutes to round up pictures and plug them into a professional video editing software program and the results can … Read More

More tips for taking better sports photos

Quick tips on taking great sports videos and photos

Fall has arrived, and the crisp air, fall foliage, and excellent autumn light means there are some great opportunities to take photo and video, especially of sports. So, with that in mind, we’ve gathered together a few quick tips about … Read More

Use video editing software to make a fall wedding video

Use Video Editing Software to Make a Fall Wedding Video

Everyone dreams of a summer wedding, but fall weddings can be magical too. The weather is crisp and refreshing, nature is putting on a colorful display as the leaves change and the soft natural lighting lends itself to beautiful photography. … Read More

More tips for taking better sports photos

Quick Tip: Taking Great Sports Videos and Photos.

All of these tips can be used with muvee Reveal X to make stunning video slideshows. Get the right angle When shooting video of sports, you want to remain in one spot where you will be able to capture the … Read More

5 tips for taking action photos perfect for a slideshow maker

5 tips for taking action photos perfect for a slideshow maker

Action photos can be some of the most frustrating shots to try and take. There are so many variables when it comes to getting them right and there is tons of room for error. In addition, these are often the … Read More

Make a great wedding video with these 5 tips

Make a great wedding video with these 5 tips

Want to make a great wedding video? Use these 5 tips First and foremost when you are setting out to make a wedding video you should make sure you are using proper movie making software. There are lots of lesser … Read More

Great memes start off with video editing software

Great Memes Start Off With Video Editing Software

What exactly is a meme? Basically it’s a funny video with a unique style that spreads across the internet. Popular video memes are viewed thousands of times (sometimes even millions) and are replicated time and time again. The themes of … Read More

Cool amateur movie making tips

Learn the Terminology in Our Movie Making Forum

The movie making world is filled with a language all its own. As you get started making videos you may stumble across unfamiliar terms. If you have any questions about making movies, or even about how to buy video editing … Read More

5 tips for taking better nighttime photos and using a video creator to show friends

5 tips for taking better nighttime photos and using a video creator to show friends

Nighttime photos can be nothing short of magical if you take them properly, but if you don’t know what you are doing that magical nighttime moment will quickly turn into a blurry, unrecognizable photo. Here are five tips for taking … Read More

5 tips for making better kids videos and using video editing software

5 tips for making better kids videos and using video editing software

To a parent the brightest stars in Hollywood don’t shine brighter than their little ones, but to the rest of us, hours of watching Johnny sing the ABCs is nothing short of torture. If you want others to enjoy your … Read More

15 ways to cut wedding costs

15 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

If you’ve been to as many weddings as we have, you know how expensive they can be. From food to photographers to venue, those costs add up quick. We’ve put together some tips to help you brides and grooms to … Read More

Make quality home movies for Father's Day with muvee

Make quality home movies for Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday (and Monday marks the official start of summer way up here in the Northern Hemisphere), and you may be wondering: are there going to be mobs of people at the mall all fighting for the … Read More

muvee Video tips : How to shoot video of toddlers and young children

Video tips: how to shoot video of toddlers and young children

Shooting video of toddlers and younger children can be challenging, because they present two very different problems for videographers: 1) they often freeze up and try to pose for the camera or 2) paradoxically, they never still enough so that … Read More

How to preserve the magic of your wedding with muvee's storyboard feature

How to preserve the magic of your wedding with muvee’s storyboard feature

June is traditionally the most popular month to get married (although August is a close second). Why? The reason has to do with nice weather and with an ancient Roman goddess named Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, and the namesake of … Read More

Making engaging slideshows with professional video editing software

3 tips to make video better

We all know the muvee Reveal X makes it easier to make video better – it’s possible to just shoot a bunch of video, throw it into muvee, choose a Style, press a button, and out comes a fantastic looking … Read More

The BEST Father's Day gift

Video tip: mistakes to avoid when shooting home movies

Easter is just behind us, which means most families had their videocameras out or, likely these days, tried to figure out how to take the best videos using their iPhone or Samsung. While fiddling with the video settings on a … Read More

Style by Style - a guide to muvee Styles

Make video slideshows come alive with muvee Styles

We all take a lot of photos and videos when on vacation or even hanging out on the weekend with our kids, but when it comes time to actually make video come alive, well, editing can be tough work. Of … Read More

Use photo slideshow software, bring memories to life

Not everyone feels confident shooting home movies, but it’s always fun to bring vacation snapshots to life by using photo slideshow software. Of course, thanks to YouTube and powerful smartphones, we’re all trained now to watch videos, and nothing but, … Read More

Simple GoPro video tips for beginners

Inexpensive, wearable cameras are extremely popular these days (and are bound to just keeping becoming more and more popular), so we thought we would provide some GoPro video tips (To split mp4 files from your super-long GoPro video files, check out … Read More

Winter video tips

While we’re only halfway through the coldest season in the Northern Hemisphere (and we envy those of you who are experiencing summer on the other side of the globe), the days are getting longer, which means we’re tempted to go … Read More

3 ways to improve your home videos

The holidays are upon us, and it’s a time a lot of people are taking a lot of video to preserve special memories, and to share with friends and family via Facebook or YouTube. While spontaneous videos are often the … Read More

How to get the most from video editing software

So, you’ve worked on improving your video-taking technique, and have actually managed to assemble a coherent and engaging narrative, thanks to a wealth of footage shot from different angles, all of it well-lighted with good sound. Now what? In fact, … Read More