5 tips for making internet marketing videos people will watch

Are you making internet marketing videos? Here are some tips:

Get to the point and keep it short

Did you know that viewers give a video just 15 seconds max before either deciding to watch? There are so many distractions (and so much awesome content) on the Internet these days that people will leave immediately if your video is not interesting.

You have to wow them from the very start, and keep things engaging.

Also, people hate watching anything longer than a minute, so keep your video short.

Tell an interesting story

As a species, we love stories. We react to stories, so if you have a video, it had better have a narrative. Telling a story makes it easier for your viewers to immediate dive in and get taken along for the ride. Stories are something we understand, and that’s half the battle of marketing.

Give useful information

People do not always want to encourage a sales pitch, and that even includes what you might consider useful how-to’s about your product. So, it’s a good idea to adopt a different focus away from your product or service, and provide useful information on a related topic.

You could provide tutorials about specific skills your clients might want to improve on. For example, muvee frequently provides photo and video tips, and those posts rarely mention our awesome product, muvee Reveal 🙂

Get some help from friends

Using videos for internet marketing is never easy… for anyone! Try to get help from other folks in a complimentary niche who are trying to raise their own profiles. For example, muvee frequently interviews professional photogs and videographers who want more exposure (in other words, more clients). In exchange they can provide us with useful tips and tricks about photography that our audience finds useful.

Leverage the “Long Tail”

On the Internet, people are searching for everything and everything. And if you use Google’s keyword tool, you’ll know that some search terms have more “volume” than others. These terms can be hard to compete for, but there is also the “long tail” of niche keywords that, in aggregate, add up to a lot of volume. Try researching some of these niche terms and then using them, if relevant, as video topics.

You may attract new customers!

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