How internet marketing videos can drive sales

If you’re already using internet marketing videos to help grow your business, you’ll know they can be one of the most cost effective ways to advertise – they’re great for conversion and boosting traffic.

Best of all, video is surprisingly easy to create. A few minutes and muvee’s video editing software are all you need to create a great video that sells. But, don’t take my word for it. Here are some things video can do for your business:

  • Influence Purchases- More than half of consumers (52% to be exact) say that product videos can help them decide to purchase a product. If you aren’t using video, you might lose out on those customers to a merchant that is using this form of media.
  • Reinforce Product Messages- In a recent survey 66% of consumers indicated that they watch videos 2 or more times. Consumers looking for information will voluntarily listen to your product messages if you create them and put them out there.
  • Sell More Product- Video can boost your sales as much as 144%. That’s a big increase in sales and profits just for taking the time to make a video.
  • Attract Consumers- Consumers spend a great deal of their time (60%) online watching video. If you don’t have video available, you are missing out on potential exposure and new clients.
  • Increase Conversion- Retail sites that utilize video have noticed an increase of conversion by 30%. That’s a lot more sales and profits for your business. What would you do with 30% more profit?
  • Reduce Time Spent on the Phone- Video can effectively illustrate product usage, answer common questions and resolve consumer issues. For this reason Dell credits video with reducing service call volumes by 5%. This means more time to handle business and less time on the phone.

Video can do all this and more. For more information about what video can do for your business check out the infographic that inspired this post. Then use muvee Reveal X to create your own internet marketing videos.

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