3 ways professional video editing software can save your business

Video can be an effective way to promote your business and build your online presence, but simply creating a video with some editing software and posting it online isn’t going to do the trick. Using video in marketing requires careful thought, planning and attention to detail, just like any other marketing campaign. When you use muvee Reveal X video editing software for your video marketing, making a video is easy giving you plenty of time to devote to video promotion and online optimization.

Why Video?

Video is sweeping the marketing world and for good reason. It is one of the easiest ways to reach a large audience and is so cost effective that even the smallest businesses can get in on the action. Using TV and radio to promote your business is expensive and you only reach consumers in a limited geographical location. Video on the other hand is cheaper than many other advertising sources and allows your business to reach out to consumers worldwide.

Making Sure Your Video Finds The Right Audience

As we’ve said before making your video is only a small part of the process. Ensuring that your video and your message reaches the right audience is another critical element many would-be marketers ignore. I know I’ve seen some great videos on YouTube with only a couple of views and other no so great ones that everyone seems to be watching. It all comes down to marketing. Make the video, optimize the video and see great results.

Here are some tips for optimizing your videos to ensure the best results possible in the search engines:

  • Make Quality Content- Quality matters and as search engine filters become more advanced, quality becomes ever more important. One way to ensure you’re creating quality video is to include relevant information in each and every video. For example if you are making a video on lawn mowing tips, talk about lawn mowing, not something else and include helpful information that will interest viewers.
  • Use Video On Your Website- Posting video on sites like YouTube and Facebook is great, but you can also use video as a source on your website.
  • Provide Captions, Transcripts, Etc.- Video can be difficult to optimize due to the lack of text, but if you use captions and transcripts, the search engines will have access to text to use when optimizing your video.
  • Keep It Short- Limit your video length to 5 minutes or less. Longer isn’t always better.
  • Allow Viewers to Embed- The more video is shared, the more traffic it will receive. Allow watchers to embed your video on their websites.
  • Allow Rating- If you have great content you won’t have to worry about ratings, they’ll be great too. Let watchers rate your video to increase its credibility and standing.
  • Video is a great marketing tool and a few simple tips can help you ensure that more people can access your video marketing messages.

Check out this marketing video for a perfect example of how you can create an informative video that still markets your business:

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