How internet marketing videos can drive sales

This post is part of muvee’s regular series of articles about how video integrates with marketing your business

A few years ago the big thing in marketing was blogs. It seemed like every business started one and internet marketers started harnessing this power to drive sales and build reputation.

Things have certainly changed over the last few years. Sure blogs are still great, but another essential component for marketing has made its way on to the stage: video (here’s an example of an internet marketing video that can help your business).

If you aren’t using video, you are missing out on a powerful tool for reaching out to consumers. Internet marketing videos can be a powerful tool for building your reputation, finding new customers and selling product.

Why is Video so Popular?

Video content is here to stay. Consumers love it and as such marketers do too. But why is it so popular? There are probably many reasons, but we’ve put together a list of a few key reasons:

It’s Affordable – As you surely know marketing can be expensive, but video can be a powerful weapon for those with a limited budget. Think about it. You can gather up a few funny photos of your employees at work, catch a few video clips on your iPhone and string everything together in minutes using muvee’s fast video editor. Then you can post to YouTube for free. For hardly any investment at all you can create compelling video content.

Possibility of Going Viral– Every internet marketers dream is a viral video and for good reason. All you need is one video to take off to expose your message to thousands or even millions of new potential customers. All you need is one person to start the chain of sharing your video with friends for the possibility of a viral video. Social media can be an internet marketing video’s best friend. Take this viral video of a flash mob for example; it probably cost pennies to create, but has gathered more than 38 million views.

Video Works with Mobile Users – A growing majority of internet users access their online content primarily from mobile devices, some rarely using a standard home computer anymore.

Video works great on mobile platforms. Short bursts of video can be enjoyed in a spare minute whether sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, chilling with friends or killing time at work. Video content works with how people are using today’s internet.

Isn’t it time your business started taking advantage of the video revolution? Our business video editing software will help you create professional quality content in minutes.

Plus muvee Reveal X makes it easy to post to YouTube, Facebook and other outlets, making it just as easy to share your content as it is to create it.

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