How to use intertitles to get your business message across

Internet marketing videos need clarity to convert leads into customers

When creating internet marketing videos, intertitles can be a powerful secret weapon: increasing sales, promoting your business and compelling viewers to take action. If you haven’t yet utilized this feature, start today – many businesses use muvee Reveal X to create internet marketing videos.

We’ll give you some tips to increase your effectiveness and help you make more compelling business videos.

What Are Intertitles?

Intertitles are screens of plain, printed text that are interspersed in a video to add additional information. In Hollywood movies these intertitles might tell a bit of the story, set the scene or help with a transition. You may also see intertitles at the end of a film, highlighting the actions of main characters after the film has ended. In business marketing videos, intertitles serve a different purpose; they help promote your business, product or service. At the end of a movie intertitles can be used to compel viewers to learn more or take action.

Using Intertitles to Promote Your Business

Here are some tips for using intertitles effectively in business communications:
Never Assume- When using muvee RevealX to create business or internet marketing videos, don’t assume that your message is clear. Always tell the viewer what they should do next. For example if you create a video promoting your next business conference, include an intertitle screen at the end compelling the viewer to register or visit your web address.

Limit the Amount of Text

Too much text can be distracting to viewers and can make it hard to see or read your information. Limit your text to three or four lines and make sure that your font is large and easy to read.

Include Your Contact Information

Providing your contact information is a great way to direct viewers to your company. Consider including a telephone number, web address or email address that viewers can use if they want to learn more.

There are many different ways to include intertitles when using the muvee RevealX movie creator.

Check out this video for some great examples or come up with a unique method all your own.

Many businesses use muvee Reveal X to create internet marketing videos.

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