Make a YouTube video, get famous!

Do you view video content online? I know I sure do. I watch everything from funny YouTube videos, to favorite TV shows to video tutorials and even advertisements. At the tail end of 2012, it’s agreed that using professional video editing software is a great way to reach potential customers, build your brand image and increase your profits.

Nearly everyone watches video online

You and I are not alone in our love for online video.

It is estimated that 90% of consumers watch videos online. If you want to reach consumers, take your advertising where they are and create video marketing content using professional video editing software like muvee Reveal X.

A recent report by the Content Marketing Institute indicated that one of the primary concerns for markers in 2012 was producing enough content.

Consumers are hungry for informative and engaging video, and businesses are struggling to fulfill this demand. The powerful and easy to use editing tools of muvee Reveal X can help. Our lightning fast video editor can create a professional quality marketing video in minutes and easily share it across various media channels including YouTube, Facebook and more. If you have an idea, we’ll help you turn it into a muvee.

Videos rank high for effective marketing

Videos rank high on the list of effective tactics for content marketing. Videos ranked #5 on the list of most effective tactics in the Content Marketing Institute study. Webinars and webcasts, which could also be created using muvee Reveal X, ranked #3.

Another recent trend is the move to creating more content in-house, rather than through outsourcing. In 2012 56% of those surveyed indicated that marketing content would be created solely in-house. This is up from 38% only a year before.

This could mean that companies are looking to have greater control of their marketing messages.  This is great news for those with a limited advertising budget. Do-it-yourself, save money and still produce amazing content.

Don’t get left behind!

This year is the year for video marketing, so create your plan, capture your footage and make your muvee. If 90% of consumers watch video online, you miss out on a valuable marketing opportunity by not creating internet marketing videos of your own.

For inspiration check out this funny commercial and get a few ideas of your own:

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