Making engaging slideshows with professional video editing software

Making video slideshows is easy with muvee Reveal X’s powerful movie making tools. This professional video editing software can turn video clips and photos into a polished video in minutes. But, don’t take our word for it; try it yourself and see what you can create with a little creativity and some help from muvee.

Photos and Video Clips- Building Blocks for Success

Every video slideshow starts with the same basic elements: photos and video clips. The raw material you choose is up to you. You can make a slideshow showcasing almost anything from vacation pictures to marketing materials or even a video tribute to your favorite celebrity. Great photos and video clips are key to a stunning final product. Choose some of your favorite and get started making your first video slideshow today.

Styles Set Things Apart

No two muvees are alike. Sure the photos and video clips are different, but that isn’t all. You can also change the mood of each slideshow using Styles. We have a variety of great Styles to choose from, each with its own special effects. Choose one that compliments the photos you are using for a unique production and a professional result.

Words Tell the Story

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but words also have an important place when creating a video slideshow. Words can serve as excellent transitions, helping to tell your story and clarify points. You can quickly add in titles, credits and captions using muvee Reveal X’s easy editing tools.

Share with the World

It really is that easy! Once you have a great video, share it. Powerful sharing options are built right into our software; you don’t even have to close the program to share to YouTube or Facebook. These aren’t the only options for sharing though. Whether you want a DVD or something else, we’ll help you share your video creation with anyone you like.

Making video slideshows is easier than you think. What are you waiting for? Grab those pictures and get started creating.

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