Are you sick of having your music videos removed from youtube

A video slideshow without music is like a day at the beach without the sun. Music adds life, excitement, and interest to your videos. If you plan on uploading your video content to Facebook, YouTube, and other sites, music presents a complicated problem however; many uploaded songs from your personal collection will lead to your video being flagged, removed, and potentially blocked from the site. What’s a video creator to do?

In muvee Reveal we’ve teamed up with Rumblefish (the same company that licenses music to YouTube and Vimeo) to ensure that your creations won’t be flagged for removal due to music infringement. Awesome pictures, fun video clips and the perfect soundtrack to tie it all together. With muvee Music you can search, download and license music from an eclectic roster of curated, independent artists and award-winning composers. Awesome music and a video that won’t be flagged for copyright infringement: muvee Music is a video making dream come true.

How Does muvee Music Work?

If you ever made music videos for YouTube or Facebook, you’ve likely experienced the inevitable flagging and removal for copyright infringement. It’s one of the most frustrating things about posting videos online. To solve the problem we’ve teamed up with Rumblefish so you can easily find and license music content that won’t be removed. You’ll find great music in a variety of genres and styles perfect for everything from wedding videos to business projects and more. It’s easy to search and easy to use to find the right song for your project.

Amazing Music Videos, Slideshows, and More

How will you use muvee Music? Choose a funky tune to add some zip to an employee training video or turn up the fun on your next vacation photo slideshow. muvee Music is our very own music store where you can search, download and license from a HUGE library of songs and use them for your business, wedding or personal muvee projects. Enjoy!

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