Tip: using professional video editing software to market your business

Photo slideshows can be a great way to show off your company and recruit new employees.

It just takes a few minutes to round up pictures and plug them into a professional video editing software program and the results can be stunning. Making a recruitment slideshow or two is much easier, and more fun, than spending the whole day at a career fair looking for new employees.

This recruitment video from Silverton Fire Department is a great example of the kind of video marketing you can create with an easy to use video editor and some great shots.

Here are some tips for making a video of your own:

Show What Its Like

Potential employees aren’t looking to be impressed by exciting photos, they want to see what a typical day looks like at your business. If exciting things happen, share them, but also include shots of your employees doing everyday things like working at the computer, meeting with clients, etc.

Ask Employees for Pictures

If you don’t have a huge stash of photos yourself, ask your employees for help. They may have great photos that they’ve taken at work that they would be happy to share. Another idea is to have everyone bring their camera in for a day and see what they capture.

Post to a Video Sharing Site

Once your video is made, make sure you share it. Video sharing sites like YouTube are a great place to post your video. Don’t forget to include contact information for your business so interested candidates can apply.

One last bit of recruitment video inspiration before we go. This one’s from White Memorial Hospital and combines video clips with still photos.

If you need new employees, it’s time for a recruitment video. Muvee’s professional video editing software will make it easy to create stunning videos that will send potential workers flocking to your doors.

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