For some reason people always love watching someone else get hurt (as long as they can get up, walk away, and laugh about it).

Nothing makes us laugh quicker than slapstick – bloopers are always hilarious and with a little creativity and the right video editing software you can turn sports bloopers into great internet marketing videos sure to get a lot of hits.

Are you ready to laugh? Check out some of our favorite sports bloopers. They are definitely more entertaining than a wedding video montage. We promise they won’t hurt!

Cheerleader Tackle

Cheerleading is certainly difficult, but it most of the time it isn’t a full contact sport. In this clip Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys goes a bit off course and tackles an unsuspecting cheerleader. With over 200,000 views a video like this could be a great boost to your next marketing campaign. Luckily, the cheerleader ends up laughing in surprise!

Hurdle Tripping

The hurdles: a strenuous running event where competitors jump over fence-like obstacles. Only problem is in this event there was more tripping and less jumping. Ouch! At almost 800,000 views the jumper (or should we say tripper) has got to be embarrassed.

Nutcracker Fall

The Nutcracker is a holiday classic, but the version I usually see doesn’t include this fall. Luckily he was able to climb back up on stage and continue with the performance.

Rowing Mishap

Row, row, row your boat until it flips of course. This video shows a rowing practice gone wrong with hilarious results. At more than 48,000 views this video once again proves that bloopers are a great way to drive traffic.

David Letterman’s Sports Bloopers Montage

Let’s go out with a bang. This montage of sports bloopers on David Letterman features a bit of the best of everything from monkeys riding dogs to broken tennis rackets.

How can you integrate bloopers in to your next internet marketing videos? Our best advice is to get out there and start filming. After all you never know when hilarious is going to strike. You get the footage; we’ve got a powerful video editing program to turn your clips into marketing gold.

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