You asked, we answered: Volume 2

When making a business video, getting it right is essential. Each video you produce showcases your business; shoddy editing could be the difference between a bad reputation and a new customer. You work hard at making your business the best it can be and your business videos deserve the same amount of effort.

Check out our editing tips to ensure that your next business video is a raging success:

Buy Video Editing Software

Many business owners think they can make a stellar video without investing in movie making software; they are wrong. Video editing software will help your videos to have a polished, professional look. It can help you create seamless transitions, add music and text to your videos and more. Don’t try to make videos alone; editing software will save you valuable time and result in a much better quality video.

Take Lots of Footage

The more raw footage you have, the better able you will be to create a killer video. It’s easy to edit out extra footage if you have too much, but it’s nearly impossible to make a great video when you don’t have enough. Shoot more video than you think you’ll need and if you’re making a photo slideshow, take lots of extra pictures so you’ll have plenty when you plug them into your photo slideshow software.

Start with a Plan

Before you shoot the first video or take the first picture, think about what you want your end video to look like. When you have a plan from the beginning you can create a cohesive project. When you work without a plan, you just end up with a jumble.


Making videos is an art, even when you have great editing software. The more you practice, the better your videos will be. Make business videos often so you can perfect your skills. Employee training sessions, client presentations, business meetings, etc. are all great times to make a video. You could even start making photo slideshows for employee birthdays and office parties.

Take your business videos from boring to fabulous with these helpful video editing tips and muvee’s easy to use movie making programs and video editing software.

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