You can do some amazing things with video. There are so many ways to manipulate what the eye can see creating by stunning visual effects. I am always amazed at the great talent out there and am excited to share some amazing creations today. These short clips show movie making at its best.

Live Photoshop Prank

Erik Johansson is a Photoshop master. In this funny blog post he puts his skills to work creating live action Photoshop displays that shock random people on the street. I love the looks on people’s faces. Another interesting aspect of this video is the behind the scenes footage featured at the beginning of the clip. His blog features his latest projects and is a wonderful source of inspiration and entertainment.

Timelapse Commercial

Timelapse requires patience, but the results can be amazing when it’s done properly. This timelapse commercial turned out beautifully. Aspiring videographers will enjoy reading about the production involved behind the scenes in a fascinating blog post by the creator Garrett Gibbons. His site features some other wonderful videos; if you have some time be sure to browse around.

Green Screen Book Review

Kay Gregg uses her blog and website to talk about books. She often features book reviews and this recent video review is a great one. She uses a green screen to post an image of the book behind her as she talks. While this technique is one anyone skilled in Photoshop could master, the creativity behind the idea is priceless.

What cool techniques are you going to try in your next video?


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