Making engaging slideshows with professional video editing software

tips to make video betterWe all know the muvee Reveal X makes it easier to make video better – it’s possible to just shoot a bunch of video, throw it into muvee, choose a Style, press a button, and out comes a fantastic looking video or photo slideshow.

However, the more muvees you make, the more you’re going to want to pay attention to the little details in order to up your game and make even better videos.

So, in the spirit of helping with self-improvement, and to help you reach your inner geek, here are 5 tips for making better videos:

1. Read the manual
These days, virtually every camera, videocamera, or phone makes it easy to point, click, and capture stunning images. However, just reading the manual will open up a world of possibilities, and will even help you enhance your creativity.  This will help from everything from improving color to capturing the appropriate depth of field, allowing you to tell a better story. Reading the manual can help you improve the battery life of your camera, for example, or get more out of your memory card. If you’ve read the manual and want to know more information, has a great guide to video cameras.

2. Geek out and get prepared
Investing some time into your “video kit”  will help pay off in spades when it comes time to actually shooting video. Do you have an extra battery? How about an extra memory card? Or have you been able to download existing footage from your HDD disc in order to make room for more footage? What about a tripod? If you don’t want to lug around a large and unwieldy hunk of metal, why not go for  a flexible tripod?

3. Shoot more footage
By reading the manual you will master your camera, and by mastering your camera you will become more creative and innovative when shooting video. And by being prepared you’ll actually be able to capitalize on these new opportunities. So this means you will be able to shoot more footage, and as every great videographer knows, besides planning the single-biggest factor to taking and making better video is shooting a lot of footage.

If you shoot more footage you’ll have more to choose from when it comes time to throw video into muvee.

These were 3 tips to make video better… Do you have any you would like to share with us?

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