Shooting footage for your perfect summer vacation video is so much easier now than ever before. A decade ago, you had to lug around a stand alone video camera, which probably used some sort of a tape (probably miniDV). It might have made recording hours of footage easy, but editing it all together just proved to be more of a burden than anything else. If you were like most families, you just left everything on the tape and would watch the one-hour long tape, one after the other. Sadly, nothing is more boring than watching hour after hour of old family videos when there might just be a few minutes of great footage (although at least it is better than the old slideshow presentation your grandparents would put on via the old slide projector). Instead, you need to make sure your summer vacation memories don’t fade away by taking advantage of these five video editing tips to making the perfect summer vacation video. You’ll be amazed by the results, there’s no need to be a professional to cut nice family vacation videos.

1. Chop that Summer Vacation Video Down

You know the five minutes you spent trying to get everyone in the same scene together while the camera was rolling? Yeah, you don’t need that in your summer vacation video. Don’t worry; you’re not throwing this away. It is why you should keep the original files on a backup hard drive somewhere. However, it doesn’t make a great video. Cut out the non-essential material. You want special family interactions and great scenery. Anything else just doesn’t add to the video and instead makes it longer. The biggest problem with most family videos is that they are just too long. Watch any old VHS destination tapes your parents have in an attic cardboard box, and the most common response will be “it was good…just too long.” And remember we just happen to have the perfect tool for trimming those lengthy videos…



2. Add Some Music

Did you have a theme song during your trip? Maybe a certain song came on over the radio, and everyone sang to it in the car. Why not incorporate the music into your video? Using music can do a handful of good for your summer vacation productions. First, it adds a bit of excitement to the video while making the time pass quickly. Four minutes of no sound and just dead pans of the Grand Canyon will seem to take far longer than the same pans played alongside music. It also helps keep your video down in length. Cutting all of your footage down to a four-minute song helps push your editing a bit. You may only trim off 30 seconds or so to match that of the music, but the 30 seconds may be a world of difference.

One thing to keep in mind when using music. Some online services may have some issues with you using the music. Let’s say you toss on Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” It just works beautifully well with your trip to Nashville or something. YouTube will tag the video as using copy protected music. You can still share it; you just can’t make money off of it (which in this case is perfectly fine). Facebook has a few more issues with this, and the social media service may not let you directly publish to Facebook. So just keep this in mind. You may find it better to just post a video to YouTube and then share through this method.


3. Keep it Simple

Perhaps the most important of our 5 tips to making the perfect summer vacation video, at muvee, one of the editing tactics we most firmly believe in is to keep it simple. You don’t need to overcomplicate the production, and often times overcomplicating it just detracts from the beach, mountains, downtown city or anywhere else your video is of. With so many different cuts, edits, color correction and other features on other programs, you might not know where to start. The muvee video editor offers templates styles, so you just select the overall look you like, and the template editor is able to take care of the rest. This way you’re not picking out one edit at a time with the video maker programming


4. It Doesn’t Have to be Linear

First-time editors may just cut out chunks in between important events and put it all together. If you want to do this it is perfectly fine. However, you don’t have to keep it linear. Maybe you want to splice over audio from what your child says about how amazing the Florida Keys were as you’re showing video of the Florida Keys. This does two things. First, it makes the footage more dynamic and interesting because it stimulates your eyes and your ears. Second, it consolidates your footage. So, instead of 25 seconds of the beach and 25 seconds of your child saying how great it was, you have only 25 seconds with the two put together. So keep this in mind. You don’t need to go from point A to point B with your summer vacation video.


5. Have Fun With It

Most importantly, whenever it comes to working with a video editor to create the perfect production of your holidays, make sure to have fun with it. It isn’t your job or work and you’re probably not putting it on the big screen for tens of thousands of people to see. So don’t stress and just have fun with it. While you should always keep in mind the other tips, most importantly the video should mean something to you and your family. The other tips are designed to keep the videos compelling and entertaining while highlighting your perfect trip. And besides, just because you edit it one way now doesn’t mean you can’t always revisit the video material and edit it again another way. It’s the beauty of video editing and why you should always hold onto the original footage of your holiday.


Well, that’ll be all for today, we hope you have enjoyed our 5 essential tips to making the perfect summer vacation video, now go ahead and make good use of them, and do not forget to share them with us on our Facebook page, we’d love to see the results!


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