A 3 step guid to trimming HD with our video cutter software

If you love action and activity a GoPro camera is a great way to capture your adventures. Simply strap the camera on and get tons of great footage to use in your next muvee slideshows. Since GoPro cameras record activities as they are done you might end up with a lot more footage than you’ll need, but don’t worry; it’s easy to cut your HD video down into usable chunks using muvee’s video cutter software.

Cut Without Compromising Quality

You’ve got great HD quality video and you want to keep it that way. Turbo Video Cutter is ready to help. It can easily create clips without compromising quality. The talented muvee Engineers created special algorithms to surgically go into compressed HD video and cut out the scene you want without losing quality. Great HD clips in minutes- what more can you ask for?

You Don’t Have to Choose Favorites

Unlike some other video cutters, Turbo Video Cutter doesn’t make you play favorites. You can create multiple clips, even if the footage overlaps. So capture and keep that awesome jump at the skate park and the wipeout that you wish didn’t happen (but still want to share). Since Turbo Video Cutter creates unique clips while keeping the original file intact you can create as many clips as you want.

Turn Your Clips into Video Slideshows

Once you’ve made great clips you can create great videos using muvee Reveal X. The two programs are designed to work together. Create your clips, make your slideshow and share quickly and easily using the powerful editing and video cutter software tools from muvee.

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