Are you getting the most out of your video creator software

A common mistake when making video slideshows is to put lots of thought into the actual slideshow and almost none into the showcasing of the slideshow once it’s complete.

The way you present your creation can have just as much of an impact as the actual slideshow itself. You’ve spent time creating the perfect video in our video creator; make sure your presentation is just as good. Here are tips for making sure your presentation helps to elevate your slideshow:

Tip #1: Short and Sweet is Best

You might have thousands of vacation pictures, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them all. In fact you shouldn’t. Extremely long slideshows can bore friends and family. Instead choose your best pictures and create a shorter video. Breaking a large group of photos into smaller segments can be a good way to share a lot of photos without forcing others to endure a long slideshow. For example if you were creating a video slideshow of your Caribbean vacation and cruise you could create one slideshow for the onboard photos, one for your fun at the beach and a third showcasing your inland adventures.

This short video showcasing a trip to a market show how effective it can be to choose a simple subject for your video slideshow. Think small!

Tip #2: Add Music

Music adds instant flavor to a video slideshow. Always add music using your muvee video creator before finishing the slideshow. Choose songs that work well with the theme of your video.

Tip #3: Test, Test, Test

If you’re showing your slideshow to a group, test your equipment before its time for your slideshow to premier. Even if you are completely comfortable using a particular DVD player, projector or computer, testing will help ensure that your showing goes off without a hitch. Viewers get bored waiting around for a slideshow to start. Keep excitement levels high by knowing how your equipment will work before you start the show. Test, test and test again.

You’ve made a great slideshow with our video creator, now make sure your presentation really shines with these slideshow tips. Getting the most out of your video creator starts with the video and ends with your presentation.

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