5 tips for making better kids videos and using video editing software

To a parent the brightest stars in Hollywood don’t shine brighter than their little ones, but to the rest of us, hours of watching Johnny sing the ABCs is nothing short of torture.

If you want others to enjoy your kid’s movies as much as you do, editing is essential. Here are 5 great tips to help you make better kid’s videos; you know the ones others will actually want to watch after you buy a movie maker.



Make the Child the Star

Every video needs a star and in a great kids video the main attraction should be the child. Whether you are compiling pictures, video or a little of both focus on finding shots and scenes where the child shines. In some cases this can mean editing out distractions or carefully using transitions to highlight the child.

Buy Video Editing Software

A great movie is born in the editing room, or in the case of a Muvee, born on the computer screen. You don’t have to be a professional video editor to buy and use video editing software. Muvee is easy to use and user friendly, making it a great option for every movie maker from amateur filmmakers to seasoned professionals. Don’t underestimate the value of editing and don’t think you will be able to create a great movie without a video editing program.

Shoot More Than You’ll Need

A great photographer isn’t known for the shots they end up deleting; they are known for the few perfect shots they showcase. The same is true of a great kids video. Using a movie creator you can edit out the boring bits and leave behind the perfect moments. In order to capture those flawless shots you’ll need plenty of footage. Always start your editing with more than you’ll need. It is easier to cut more out than to round up extra pictures or video at the last minute.

Edit and Then Edit Some More

When it comes to kids movies, bloopers are something to expect. Kids have minds of their own and when the camera comes on, all bets are off. Luckily editing can come to your video’s rescue. Two hours of failed shoe tying attempts can quickly turn into a funny montage and the fist fight that breaks out when one child tries to steal the spotlight can disappear. Buying video editing software might be the best thing you can do for your kids movies. For example with Muvee RevealX great movies are just three simple steps away.

Capture Personality

Each child is unique and a great video will showcase this. Look for photos and video clips that show off personality. This will make your video interesting and different from the many other kids videos out there. Diva, genius or comedian in the making, show off what makes your kid unique. Great kids videos are just a few clicks away. When you make a Muvee, your little ones will be the star of the show.

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