Koalas: the best use of video using movie making software

Koalas are cute, cuddly and normally only seen at the zoo (or in Australia). Today however you can see koalas right here on the muvee blog. These adorable critters make for great YouTube videos. Do you have some koala footage of your own? Put your movie making software to use and make an adorable koala video of your own.

Koala Fight

These two koalas are fighting like cats and dogs (or should we say koala and koala?). I would have never expected that those deep grunty noises could come from one of those sweet creatures. I’ll never see koalas the same again.

Koala Meets Cyclist

A cyclist runs across a koala and stops for a little visit. They share a special moment and a drink together, all caught on camera. This video is effective because of its simplicity. However, adding music to the background could have added an extra element to the video and helped to cancel out the wind noise which was a bit distracting.

Koala Hospital

What happens when a koala gets sick? It goes to the Koala Hospital of course. This interesting video clip from National Geographic showcases a special animal hospital that cares primarily for koala. In just a few short minutes you’ll learn a lot about this interesting animal and have the opportunity to enjoy some really great footage.

Koalas are certainly cute and make great subjects for short video clips. I’m always a sucker for a cute animal video.

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