Celebrate Independence Day by creating an awesome video with Reveal

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and to celebrate our Independence we’ve come up with this great holiday slideshow idea using a free muvee Style for video creators:

Take photos of a barbeque from start to finish

Planning is one of the key ingredients in taking successful photos, so when you have your July 4th barbeque, why not try to think of what photos you want to take first?

Start with what things look like before you set up. Then take some photos of the tables and chairs and decorations being put in place. Snap some shots of guests arriving, and then document food – before and after shots of being grilled on the barbeque. Be sure to take pictures of happy faces, and, if there still is light, what things look like after the party has ended.

Then, of course, through the photos into our awesome video creator software, muvee Reveal X, push a putting, create a slideshow instantly, and send to friends.

Reveal even has its own special (and free!) Style called Independence Day. Take a look and see for yourself how awesome it is!

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