Celebrate Parent's Day with muvee

You may not have heard of it before, but July 22 marks Parents’ Day, typically held on the fourth Sunday of July. It became an American holiday waaaay back in the days of Bill Clinton, in 1994, aimed at “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.” There are similar days in Korea and Vietnam, apparently, but the aim of this American holiday is partly to recognize the role all caregivers play in the lives of children.

And what better month to celebrate than the end of July? It’s the height of summer, with plenty of fun things for families to do together, be it hanging out at the beach, enjoying a barbeque, or going camping. School has been out for exactly a month so far, so the children are deep into the simultaneous boredom and exciting of their holidays.

So why not celebrate Parents’ Day with a movie making program – muvee Reveal X? It’s a great time of year to take videos and snap photos. Due to the position of the sun in the sky, the light is just about perfect right now, capturing all sorts of golden hues and saturated colors. On top of all that, your kids are probably all brown and tanned from spending their time outdoors.

Here are 3 ideas for a muvee slideshow:

1. Snap photos over an entire weekend, taking special care to mark the beginning, middle and end. Then create a muvee slideshow

2. Try to capture just what makes a parent or caregiver a parent – observe the special moments, such as helping the kids tie their shoes, brush their teeth, or even doing the chores! Then create a muvee slideshow.

3. Ask your kids to take pictures of you in order to illustrate what your being a parent means to them. Then create a muvee slideshow.

Once you’ve created your video slideshow with our movie making program, don’t forget to upload to YouTube, and let us know about it!

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