Content Creator - awesome movie making on vimeo

One of the quickest ways to transform your website from average to amazing is to add video. Movie making isn’t that difficult, but it adds a whole new dimension to your website and engages visitors. Video also helps to attract new users to your site by encouraging sharing. If you’re wanting to add video to your website, but need a few ideas check out these great websites and their use of video.

San Diego Zoo Blogs

The blogs from the San Diego Zoo are a great way to keep tabs on your favorite animals or to prepare for your next trip to the zoo. Many of the posts feature a photo or two, but my favorites include video and allow me to see the animals in action.

Design Mom

Design Mom is known for its stunning home décor and helpful parenting ideas, but the site also has some great video content. The blog features an ongoing series known as Olive Us showcasing the blogger, Gabrielle Blair, and her family. Each video is heartwarming and adorable and teaches positive family values like kindness and caring. One of my favorites is this recent episode about shadow puppets. Check it out!

Ross Training

Get inspired to reach your fitness goals and enjoy some great video content over at the Ross Training blog. This cool video tutorial will show you how to create your own handstand pushup handles. You’ll find tons of easy ideas for affordable home fitness equipment as well as tips, techniques and inspiration to keep yourself in shape.

How can you use video to better engage users on your website? Making video is easy, but it won’t ever happen if you don’t commit and take that crucial first step.

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