Use video creator software, make a Thanksgiving video letter

As we roll into the holiday season our hearts and minds once again turn to our families. If you can’t make the trip to see your loved ones this Thanksgiving, consider using your video creator to make a heartwarming Thanksgiving letter. It’s great for kids, who can become video creators themselves!

Sending your love by video might not be a good as a slice of your grandma’s pumpkin pie, but it comes in a close second.
If you haven’t created a video letter before, don’t worry, it’s surprisingly easy. We’ll walk you through the process:

Set Up Your Camera

Find somewhere to shoot your letter and set up your camera. You don’t need anything fancy; a simple webcam or a video camera on a tripod works great. Generally shooting your video indoors will work better than outside. You want a quiet place where you won’t have any distractions.

Start Filming

Once your camera’s in place, it’s time to start filming. Turn your camera on and start expressing yourself. Some people like to write up a script to read as they talk while others just like to ramble. Whatever method you choose, it is generally a good idea to at least write down a few talking points so you can cover everything you want in your video.

If you need some inspiration, check out this Thanksgiving video letter for ideas on how it’s done.


Editing can help you turn a jumble of rambling into a cohesive, ready to view Thanksgiving letter. Plug your footage into your video creator and start editing. If you’re using muvee RevealX this process is very simple; just add your raw video footage to the program and mark segments with a “thumbs up” if you want them to appear in your video and a “thumbs down” if you want to exclude them.


After editing, it’s time to share. Upload your video to a video sharing site like YouTube and send the link to your family. As they munch on turkey they can all enjoy your video letter and you can be a part of the festivities, even if you’re miles away.
With a video camera and the best movie making software around, you can be a part of your family’s Thanksgiving celebration with a heartfelt holiday letter.

Get started using our video creator today.

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