Great memes start off with video editing software

What exactly is a meme? Basically it’s a funny video with a unique style that spreads across the internet. Popular video memes are viewed thousands of times (sometimes even millions) and are replicated time and time again. The themes of a great meme strike a chord with those that watch. What starts as a simple video made on a movie maker bought with video software discounts can quickly turn in to a popular and profitable meme.

Keyboard Cat

Why is it that cats doing regular people activities is so hilarious? This YouTube video of a cat playing the keyboard has received more than 26 million views and counting. This video has inspired countless others including one where Keyboard Cat takes to blogging.

Baby Laughing

Who doesn’t love the sound of a baby laughing? This video meme showcases a baby that finds ripping paper hilarious. Each time the paper rips, baby bursts out in laughter. After a hard day at the office, it is nice to remember those simpler times and to take joy in this happy baby. This video has gathered more than 46 million views.

Windy Ducks

A mother and her adorable ducklings are out for a stroll when the wind hits. Suddenly this meme turn from adorable to hilarious as the babies take a tumble. This video has more than 25 million views and for good reason; it’s absolutely adorable.

Grocery Store Wars

Another popular meme involves taking a hilarious spin on popular movies. Grocery Store Wars is an excellent example. This meme explains the importance of organic food in Star Wars style. You will love watching your favorite scenes in a whole new light. Our favorite part- ChewBroccoli!

Penguin Dilemma

When life gets hard remember that you aren’t the only one  with problems; these penguins have quite the dilemma too. An adorable penguin couple works to overcome their challenges ensuring laughs in the process. If you like the original video, check out this hilarious take complete with dialogue. With over a million views each, this meme is here to stay.

Now it’s time to make a meme of your own. Pick up  a great video editor using video software discounts and get started making movies of your own.

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