How to choose music to make a perfect video [guest blog post]

How important is sound when making videos? To answer this question, we’ve asked Gael MacLean, president of Rukkus House Sound & Music Production Studios, to write a guest blog post for the muvee Director’s Lounge blog:

The music you choose must support the vision of the film and the scene it is playing in. Don’t use a piece of music because you really like it or someone is letting you us it free.

The music you choose is there to underscore the emotional tone of the scene and to help your viewers feel what your characters are feeling or the message you are conveying. Keep asking your self what do you want your viewers to feel when they hear this music. If your film is targeted at a certain age group of societal group, make sure it is music they would listen to.

Make sure you get a license for your music. Whether composed or pre-recorded you will be asked to show you have right of use many times.

Chooses music that is well recorded and mastered. Crappy sounding music loses it’s impact, takes the viewers out of the film, and pulls your production values down.

Don’t get stuck on using a piece of music because you have become used to it. Try different kinds of music and when you are really sure, use it while editing so you can sync the music and film story points, pacing & rhythm. If it is just not coming together you probably have the wrong piece of music. Try something very different.

Music can help characterize the film, it can foreshadow events, highlight story points, help you feel what the characters are feeling and provide scene transitions. Whether it’s a drama or a documentary.

Rukkus House know a thing or two about matching music to movies – they specialize in creating exceptional, original music and sound of uncompromising quality for film, broadcast, games, radio & music productions. Here’s an example of their work:


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