How to create a compelling video using professional video editing software

Using professional video editing software remains the most effective way to create compelling video. While there are many other editing software options out there, simplified, you are limited by the simplicity of the product. It is a great place to learn but you will quickly arrive at the full capacity of the program and your videos will look just like everyone else’s.

One of the most important parts of putting together a compelling video is to have a great story to tell. What the home video editor can do is help you bring that story to life by editing it down. The truth is, everyone shoots more than they need. When you get down to the comedy or the drama of a situation, very often less is more. Cutting down your scenes with a video editing program helps keep the story moving at a pleasing pace. Don’t be afraid to cut!

Music is key

Music is key in compelling video content. This is something often overlooked. While it is important what people say, you can use music to help manipulate the feeling of the audience. With professional video editing software you can turn down all the other tracks and just listen to the music as you watch you edited video play. This gives you a sense of how the music is helping to tell the story.

Action and motion

Action and motion is important to keep the interest of the viewer. This does not necessarily mean fight scenes and chases, but even motion in the camera. This is something that with digital technology can be created in post. You can often zoom and manipulate the image to force a dolly shot where there wasn’t one. This helps your video from becoming “static” and boring.

Add sound effects

You don’t realize how much the sound is just as important as the image. Microphones just can’t pick up every sound and sometimes an actor’s cue is really something happening off screen. If you have the right movie maker software you can add these sounds in after the fact to help show the motivation of the actors and to play into the tenseness or feeling of the scene.

Finally, even if you are just making home movies, you can cut them into a story. Whether you have put together a series of shots from a party or an event or just are stringing together a bunch of family occasions, look for the through line. There is a natural rise to the story and if you edit these moments together right it will feel like a movie, not a “home” movie. By utilizing all the ideas above you can turn any video into a more compelling piece of work.

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