How to create a sense of narrative when shooting a video

While some of your muvees will be simple compilations of photos and video clips, others will tell a story. Creating a sense of narrative in your videos will help you express thoughts, feelings and emotions to your viewers while creating a rich, timeless story.

Everyone has their own techniques for creating a sense of narrative, but there are some general tips that can help no matter your style (of course, you can  buy video editing software to make things easier).

Start with a Plan

Before you ever take the first picture or shoot the first video clip, have a plan for your muvee. Knowing what story you want to tell before you start shooting will ensure that you get the needed footage. Write down a list of scenes, key elements and necessary photos and keep the list with you at all times. As you get the needed footage, cross items off your list until you have everything.

Take Your Time with Editing

When telling a story, editing is key (one reason why you need to buy video editing software). This will give you the opportunity to cut out story elements that aren’t working and to create a finished, polished video. Even though muvee RevealX can create a video in minutes, take your time. Analyze the order of the photos and video clips you use and rearrange as needed.

Taking the time to break longer video segments down into short clips is well worth the effort. This will keep your video moving and eliminate long, boring segments which distract viewers from the story.

Choose Your Music Carefully

The music you choose will have a big impact on the narrative of your muvee. For example if you’re telling the story of learning to surf, you might want to choose fast, dramatic music while softer, more  delicate sounds might work better for the story of your baby’s birth.

Use Captions if Necessary

They say “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” but there are times that a couple well placed words are priceless. Captions can guide your story, adding narrative and clarifying confusing shots. Captions can also tell the backstory at the start of a film or share additional detail about the story at the end. The Lifebook style  in our video editing program is a great style choice if you want captions to be a primary feature of your video.

Each muvee you create has a story of its own. These tips will help you tell your story in style.

Buy video editing software and start sharing your story today.

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