How to choose music to make a perfect video [guest blog post]

Great movies are built on great footage. Gorgeous photos and fantastic video will make a huge difference in the end quality of any video you make using muvee’s video editing software.

One aspect of filmmaking that many beginners struggle with is sound quality. How do you get good quality sound if you don’t have a lot of expensive equipment? Here are some great tips to help you create video clips that both look and sound great:

Understand the Limits of Your Equipment

Whether you are recording video on your cell phone camera, using your point and shoot or a handheld camcorder, you need to understand the limits of your equipment. The built in microphones have a limited range and if you record sound outside of their range, the quality will suffer. Understanding the limits of your equipment will help you know if you can get by using just your camera or if you need to invest in an external microphone.

Generally the built in microphone will work fine if you are recording in a quiet area and if your subject is relatively close. Each built in microphone has different limitations, so play around with yours until you know when you can achieve good sound and when you can’t.
If you need a little extra power when it comes to sound, an external microphone is a great choice. You can find many great options at fairly affordable prices and most can be used with the camera you already have.

Ideas for Compensating When Sound Isn’t Great

Even with an external microphone and some practice you may still have times when your sound doesn’t turn out like you had hoped. Unfortunately this is just a reality that amateur photographers and videographers face.

While it is disappointing, all is not lost. There are still things you can do.

Here are some ideas:

  • Cover Bad Sound with Music- Adding music to your photo and video slideshow is easy using muvee Reveal X. This is a great way to cover areas of bad sound. Using the “Personalize” settings you can control the volume of music, the video soundtrack and the voiceover function to ensure that your viewers hear what you want them to.
  • Use Voiceover Function- The Voiceover Function is another great resource. If sections of your video need explaining, but if your audio isn’t up to par, you can record a custom voiceover using the “Personalize” settings. All you need is a microphone connected to your computer and you can record narration to your video as it plays. If you want to see how effective voiceover can be check out this adorable animal voiceover video.

Great movies have great sound, but even amateur videographers can achieve this with a little practice, the right tools and professional quality video editing software like muvee Reveal X.

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