So, you’ve worked on improving your video-taking technique, and have actually managed to assemble a coherent and engaging narrative, thanks to a wealth of footage shot from different angles, all of it well-lighted with good sound.

Now what? In fact, there are tips and tricks to getting the most out of video software to make truly engaging videos.

1. Hammer ’em over the head with text
Despite your best intentions, your viewers may not always understand what you’re trying to say. If there are specific moments you think are noteworthy, or perhaps your child has mumbled something funny, or maybe you’ve even taught the dog how to say “beer, please”, tell your audience what’s going on with a caption.

In short, captions, intertitles and text animation sequences can help your audience understand your video better.

2. Boost or suppress soundtrack of your video
Cool music can really drive your video, providing emotion, energy and atmosphere. However, it’s always a good to either boost or reduce music levels depending on what’s happening in your video.

With muvee Reveal X, using the “Clip video into segments” or “Clip video here” feature, you can isolate the video segment where the Best-man delivered his speech. Then go to that clip, and check “Boost Audio”.

3. Experiment with fonts
It’s a visual world now; everyone is an expert on typography and fonts, and so everyone expects a little sophistication when it comes to how words are presented. Fonts can add atmosphere, tone and other unspoken messages to your video. Play around, and see what works.

With muvee Reveal X, we hired a renowned typography artist to select and design fonts to esthetically match each Style. So check it out!

Nevin Thompson frequently blogs on how to get the most from video editing software


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