Making engaging slideshows with professional video editing software

Unfortunately not all of your video footage is share-worthy. You generally have to capture many moments of boring to end up with those priceless pieces of video perfection. Luckily muvee Reveal X is ready to come to the rescue. Upload your raw video footage and use the easy editing tools to cut down your clips.  People will think you’re an expert videographer and your videos will always turn out great.

Highlighting and excluding video using muvee Reveal X video editing software is easy. It just takes a few minutes to cut down longer video clips to showcase  your favorite bits. Here’s what to do:

Add Photo and Video Clips

The first step to making a muvee is adding photo and video clips. During this step add all photos and video segments you want to use. Don’t worry if you only like a small portion of a longer video; you can cut it down later.

Pull Up Video Clip

Once you have the video footage uploaded into muvee, you’re ready to start choosing your favorite moments. Select the desired video in the media panel and click on magicMoments in the drop down menu that will appear. The video will play and as you watch you can choose to highlight a portion (ensuring that it will play in your muvee) or exclude a section of your video (keeping it out of your muvee). Highlight by pressing the thumbs up icon as your video plays and exclude video by pressing the thumbs down icon.

You don’t need to make a decision about every moment in the video; muvee Reveal X uses automatic editing and will determine what to do with the non-marked parts. Just highlight favorite bits and exclude the portions you don’t want to see. For best results try to keep each highlight short (5-10 seconds).

Preview Your muvee and Enjoy

Once you’ve finished choosing your favorite video clips, muvee will do the rest. Preview your video and see the results. If you need to go back and work with your clips a little more, you can always select magicMoments again and highlight or exclude additional footage.

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