Learn how to make a music video with these simple steps.

Whether you want to create a music video to promote your band or simply create a musical tribute to your favorite song, the easy to use tools in muvee Reveal X make music videos simple. All you have to do is choose a song, add some photo and video clips and rock out all night long.

While we have some great video making tips on the Reveal X page, here are some step by step instructions for creating a music video of your own:

Choose a Song

A great music video needs a great song. You can add any music from your computer, including songs you’ve recorded yourself. Choose a song for your video and add it by selecting “Change” in the music section underneath your selected style.

Add Photo and Video Clips

Once you have your song, choose photo and video clips that complement it. If you are creating a music video based on your own recorded music, you may want to include snapshots of your band practicing, playing instruments or dancing.


Each style has different customization options that you can use to create a unique music video. Change the “Style Settings” to increase the speed of transitions, the energy level of your video and more. Check your progress by watching a preview and adjust the settings as needed.

You can also edit video clips using our simple video editing program. Choose thumbs up to include the portion of the video and thumbs down to exclude it. This helps you to trim longer video clips into short bursts of muvee magic.


Once your music video is complete, share it with the world. You can upload to YouTube or Facebook with just a click or two. If your band has a Facebook fan page, make sure you share a link so all your fans can enjoy your new music video.

Making a music video is simple with muvee RevealX. If you need some inspiration before you get started, check out this great example from YouTube:

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