Cool amateur movie making tips

The movie making world is filled with a language all its own. As you get started making videos you may stumble across unfamiliar terms.

If you have any questions about making movies, or even about how to buy video editing software, check out our muvee Maniacs forum and learn all the terminology.

In the meantime, we’ve defined some here in our guide to common video terms. If you have questions about the definition of another term, head to a movie making forum and do a bit of digging. It can be frustrating trying to learn all the movie making lingo, but be patient; sooner than you think you’ll have these new words mastered.


When you upload you transfer video from your computer to the internet. This is often accomplished using a video uploader on a video sharing site like YouTube or Blip.


When you download you transfer video from the internet to your personal computer. This is basically the opposite of uploading. Some video sharing sites will allow you to download videos so you can watch them without having to access the internet.

Aspect Ratio

An easy way to compare video width and height. For example a video with a 4:3 aspect ratio might measure 4 inches across and 3 inches up and down. Common aspect ratios include: 4:3, 16:9, 2.39:1 and 1.85:1.

Color Correction

Color correction generally occurs during the editing process. You will use your video editing program to change or tweak colors.


Resolution refers to the clarity of a video. It is  a measure of the pixels a video contains, the more pixels, the clearer the picture. Resolution can be displayed in multiple ways. For example 640×480 refers to a standard resolution with 680 horizontal pixels and 480 vertical ones. This same resolution can also be displayed as 480p, using just the vertical calculation.

Rule of Thirds

If you are just getting started in video making, pay attention to the Rule of Thirds. This is a method that can be used to create beautiful photographs. Head on over to Wikipedia and learn more about this movie making concept.


This video editing technique is always  a popular topic in video making  forums. Basically you slow down the rate in which frames are captured. When video is played back it seems as though time is rushing by. This technique can be achieved both during filming and during editing.

Jump Cut

A jump cut is a type of transition where one scene transitions to the next very abruptly. As the name implies it often appears that the subject jumped from one spot to another.
These common video terms will help you get started on your movie making journey. Don’t be afraid of the lingo; just jump in and learn a few new words every day.

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