Make a youtube video inspired by these funny commercials

Watching funny commercials can make me “happier than a camel on Wednesday” (if you connect with us on Facebook we shared the video mid-June). Since it’s been awhile we thought we’d share a few more funny favorites. Check out these three hilarious commercials. WARNING: get ready to laugh… or find yourself inspired to make a youtube video” of your own.

The Browser You Loved to Hate

I love when companies poke fun at their flaws. This funny commercial for Internet Explorer will strike a chord for anyone that hates the browser (either in the past or currently). With a therapy setting, a strange cat relationship and a quirky lead character,this video is a pile of laughs waiting to happen.

Old Spice Shave Commercial

This commercial is certainly an odd one, but I got a chuckle nonetheless. Terry Combs’ vibrant personality is perfect for the role. The contrasts in this commercial create the comedic appeal. Apparently man just up from a coma needs a shave more than he needs answers to his medical questions.

Heinz- Even Your Food Wants It
Nothing says summer like ketchup on a freshly grilled hot dog, making this commercial a perfect summer find. The video was created using stop motion (a series of pictures smashed together to make a video) and features hungry french fries chasing after their favorite condiment. The tag line is clever, the animation top notch and the video hilarious. Yum!

I always love a funny commercial.   Make a YouTube video of your own today using muvee’s powerful video editing tools. It could a funny commercial for your home business or a funny slideshow of vacation pictures. Get creating and help others to enjoy a good laugh.

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