With the end of summer rapidly approaching and school about to begin, there is nothing better than movie making to capture the memories and relive them. You don’t have to be a movie making pro to create awesome looking movies that others will want to watch. That’s what muvee is here for!

Did you know muvee holds over 12 movie making patents?! That means we’ve got a lot of smarts in this space, and we want to make sure movie making is as easy possible. Easy as 1, 2, 3 actually! Our 3 step process guarantees you’ll be a movie making machine in minutes.

So if you took a road trip, family vacation or just had a nice weekend at home you can replay those memories anytime by movie making with muvee! To give you some examples of what you can do with your muvees, we turn to the very first movie making master, muvee CEO Terence Swee. Check out all the muvees he’s made of his travels on our Community. This is one of our favorites:


Try not to be too jealous, he gets to go to some pretty amazing places to show off muvee products to the World!

If you think you have a pretty great vacation or back to school movie be sure to share it with us on Facebook. Each person who does will get a FREE stylePack of your choice. Now what are you waiting for, get movie making!

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