muvee School: Sound

We are so excited to finally announce our newest series, muvee School! This is a four part installment on the most basic (but important) tips when it comes to shooting video. To make things easy to remember, we came up with a phrase: SLAM. This stands for Sound, Light, Angles and Motion.

Let’s get started with sound!

A few key things to remember:

  1. Don’t breathe into the mic– Microphones are sensitive and can pick up even the slightest of sounds, make sure you’re not breathing into the mic if your subject is up close.
  2. Don’t cover the mic– It can be easy to cover the microphone just by the way we hold our devices. Be aware of this so that your footage isn’t missing its audio.
  3. If there is wind, cover the mic– Alternatively, if it’s windy, you want to cover the mic so that it doesn’t pick up the breeze around you and add that rustling sound to your footage.

Stay tuned for part two of muvee School.

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