More tips for taking better sports photos

With Thanksgiving passed and a chill in the air, it’s prime time for football and other school sports.

Sports photography and videography are a lot of fun and it’s very exciting trying to capture the most critical action moments in photos and video.

That said, many of the best sports photos we take are not the ones at the height of the action, but rather the ones that occur away from the action.

A few examples of this include:

  • Reactions on the bench at basketball games.
  • Camaraderie on the deck at swim meets (i.e. getting some candids of the swimmers just hanging out or preparing for an event).
  • The look of anticipation on the players’ faces right before kickoff in football.

The one common theme in these is to make sure you get the participants faces and expressions in the frame. Whether with photo or video, it helps to zoom right in on the faces and try some different angles or shooting positions to accomplish this (for instance, if you can manage to get down to field level to get some shots).

If you can capture some of these moments, you’ll get some great shots or footage that will look great in muvees or stand alone on their own!

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