tips for recording awesome video at the events

What summer concerts are on your to-do list this summer? Will you be attending a big summer music festival like Stagecoach, Rockfest, or Lollapalooza? These fun filled festivals can be a great place to record killer video; create a video slideshow of your experience and share it with the world. Here’s some tips for getting the best video clips possible at summer music festivals this year. (If you’re looking for a new festival to try this summer, check out this great list.)

Know the Rules

Before you take your camera in to music festivals or concerts, make sure you know the rules. Some venues welcome recording while other outright prohibit it. Taking photos or video when not allowed can lead to repercussions like deleted memory cards, confiscated cameras, and even being kicked out of the event. Asking a few questions before you record can save you from a lot of hassle. Check the festival website, do a quick internet search, or make a few phone calls before you head out to the concert so you know what the rules are.

Getting Great Sound

Sound is tricky at live music events. You’ll get the best sound up close to the speakers, but as you well know, these areas can be a bit chaotic. If you have trouble recording great sound at the event itself, there are a few things you can do. You can take along an external microphone and try to record better sound yourself. Another easy option is to create a video slideshow of your favorite moments during a particular artist’s set and then to use one of their songs as the soundtrack. You don’t have to record audio yourself at the music festival to make a great video. For a slideshow of the whole event, choose a background song that fits with the feel of the event.

Use Zoom

If you want a great shot of your favorite music groups, but can’t seem to get right up by the stage, use your zoom. It can make a huge difference! This tip works well for both photos and videos. Make sure you turn off your flash though for distance shots.

Don’t Forget the Off Stage Action

While the performers on stage are certainly an important part of any summer music festival, the off stage action is a lot of fun too. Capture your friends and fellow concert goers as they dance through the afternoon. Lots of photos and video clips (of everything going on) will give you plenty of options when it comes time to edit your video.

To get you ready for festival season, enjoy this great video from Coachella 2014.

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