The BEST Father's Day gift

muvee fan Rian has been using muvee Reveal X for over a year now. Rian is a self-proclaimed “typical geek dad” who lives in Victoria, Canada with his wife and young daughter.

We asked Rian what makes muvee so great: “I like to fiddle with my video and photos before letting anyone see them. What ends up happening is that I have endless hours of raw video and thousands of photos that never see the light of day because I don’t have the time.” muvee Reveal X is so easy to use, it solves this problem for him!

Rian kindly shared this great muvee of his family’s recent vacation to the US (he also noted he does not burn his muvees to DVD – that’s what his 85 year old Grandfather does!).

We asked Rian why all Dads should have muvee Reveal X on their Father’s Day wish list. “All those hours of raw footage and hundreds of photos wont ever get seen unless they are trimmed up and packed in a little video. muvee Reveal X does all the heavy work for you so you don’t have to fiddle with all the cuts and transitions.” 

Sounds like the perfect gift to us! To buy muvee Reveal X for your Dad this Father’s Day we have a special offer for you. Visit to get it now!


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